Screenplay competitions can provide FEEDBACK, DEVELOPMENT & INDUSTRY RECOGNITION

Whether you’re an established or up and coming screenwriter, you’ve probably learned that one of the toughest obstacles to overcome in the film industry is getting past the restricted channels that often arise within the business. In fact, you can have an immense amount of talent and yet remain virtually unknown if you aren’t business savvy or have access to the right people. For industry executives, it can also be a daunting task sorting through thousands of screenplays that roll into the mailroom each year just to find that one. This is where screenplay contests and film festivals play a critical role.

Entering a few key screenplay competitions and festivals each year is one of the most proactive decisions you can make for your career because screenwriting awards offer writers an alternative to get their scripts circulated and in the case of many finalists, it has put their name on the map virtually overnight.

The advantages can also be gaining invaluable feedback, meeting deadlines, and potentially receiving prizes. The most important advantage CWA offers is development opportunities and exposure to high profile companies, which could take years to develop if pursued without a company’s endorsement.  This is one of the sole missions of CWA – to help provide opportunities to talented writers looking to propel their projects forward. So if you have an original story, and get it to us by the entry deadline, this could be an avenue to help generate success for your projects.