Even the most successful, seasoned screenwriter solicits second and third opinions during his/her writing process. Unfortunately not everyone has access to the professional advice and notes these writers are privy to. This is a service we provide at CWA, and it can be one of the best choices a writer makes to get their script noticed.

For the average screenwriter, the usual process is:  your submitted screenplay gets sent out for consideration. Upon receipt, the executive in question assesses whether it is a pass or recommend for their company. The decision to file or advance the script is often times made apparent in the coverage along with valuable critiques and recommendations. Unfortunately, these results are guarded and are never released to the writer.

At Creative World Awards, we offer you the chance to get script coverage before you begin widely circulating your script. We provide two different services at a price that is much lower than the average film industry coverage rates, which typically range from $300-$700 per script.

In the Judge's Highlights order, you receive the industry Judge's scorecard, plus 2 1/2 pages of written notes on the script's current strengths and weaknesses. The price is $150. *Entrants receive discount.

In the comprehensive Script Analysis order, you receive the industry Judge's scorecard, plus 4-5 pages of written notes (a 7-9 page feedback report), designed to help you improve all critical technical elements as well as target the overall marketability of your script. Some of the elements include identifying and analyzing story arcs, plot development, premise, character development, dialogue critiques, and tightening all critical elements to produce the most potential market value for your script. The price for this is $250. *If you are a 2015-16 Creative World Awards screenwriting contest entrant, you can receive this service for your submitted script at a discount price when entering through the online application.

If a 2016 entrant, simply choose the judge's highlights or script analysis option once in the online application. For all others, email us or click on the order/pay now button and you will be redirected to a secure PayPal site where you can pay the appropriate fee, and be put into the queue for the analysis. Once we have receipt of your order, you will be notified via email and your script will be requested.

Note: Generally, there is a 3-4 week turn around on the delivery of script analyses, however, if it is during our open entry season, please contact us for an approximate return date.

In Hollywood you have only one chance to make an impression…so make it your best!

Click the button to pay the $250.00 thru PayPal. Once completed, email your script to