As someone who has entered all the big screenwriting contests with two scripts, I can say with confidence that you won't find one that's better run than Creative World Awards.  Even in their inaugural year in 2008, Heather and Marlene showed us how it should be done. The contest was well structured, they met their deadlines, and provided a real service to writers with their weekly industry video interviews. - Steve Zawacki

Soon after the Creative World Awards, my screenplay TEEN MESSIAH was requested by Mosaic (The Dark Knight), Benderspink and several other top production companies and literary agencies.  CWA's feedback was key in creating a successful draft, and the staff went out of their way to provide individual attention, service and industry contact. - Hamilton Mitchell

The Creative World Awards was the first contest experience for my co-writer and I and it could not have been better.  Heather and Marlene were very generous and have worked hard to get our script around town.  They were absolutely able to open doors we would not have had access to otherwise. Chris Wimmer

Heather: After submitting screenplays to contests for the past five years, until I found CWA, I felt like I've been climbing snowcapped mountains barefoot. What a relief to have found you. Not only is your competition handled as professionally as possible, you and Marlene are nice people, like ladies next door. I believe your excellent script analysis has finally given me a good chance of getting my work produced. Sincerely, Dave Green

As Grand Prize winner of the 2008 Creative World Awards, I want to share my personal experience with all future writer entries and/or winners of this awesome competition. Founders, Marlene and Heather are true mentors who took a personal as well as a professional interest in the success of my script. All prize commitments were readily honored. They suffered with me though rewrites (weekends and late night). From script submission to the final moment when my script was ready to fly, their commitment and encouragement never wavered. There are many script competitions out there, but without hesitation, Creative World Awards is an inspiration and a golden opportunity for all aspiring screenwriters. - Diana Mitchell

The script analysis I received from the Creative World Awards was smart, spot-on, and deep.  It was clear the reader had not just read the script, but had truly engaged the characters and the story.  So the notes went beyond the surface and got to the heart of things, helping me elevate the material in rewrites.  Add to that the industry exposure, plus the insight accessible on the CWA website -- especially the video interviews -- and you've got a winning new powerhouse on the contest circuit.... -John Arends

Thank you for the excellent script coverage. While none of us "likes" to hear what doesn't work about our scripts, I was actually excited to find out the specific ways this script can be fixed, and I feel encouraged to move forward with another rewrite. I have had experience writing for sitcoms, so I've had notes given to me many times. It is an art in of itself. The notes I received from CWA were specific, clear, and helpful. Thank you. Everything about my experience with Creative World Awards has been extraordinary. This is my first year submitting to feature film contests, and thanks to CWA, I'm left feeling inspired. Thanks again, for everything. I look forward to next year's CWA. Best regards, Janette Kotichas

Dear Heather, WOW!!! Not just a 'wow' for delivering the coverage so fast, but more so for the incredible insights, suggestions and remarkable 'spot-on' critiques on what needs to be done to make a good script better or a good as it can be!  Heather, I don't want to overstate this, but your work on this - including your great notes on the treatment which really inspired us to finally write the script - is truly outstanding -consistently the best notes and feedback we have ever received, and we've used a number of 'coverage' services. Can't thank you enough. Also, congrats on running a great contest, your informative website - enjoy the video interviews - and obvious dedication to providing a genuinely meaningful service to aspiring screenwriters. - Curt & Scott Burdick

Heather and Marlene, My sincere gratitude for all you do. Respect for the writer is often paradoxical in some screenwriting competitions, but respect is the rule in yours.  It has been a true pleasure. I'll definitely recommend your CWA website for the great interviews, and your contest to all screenwriters seeking encouragement and constructive feedback.   I genuinely look forward to watching CWAs continued success. - T.L. Lewis

I've entered my share of comps through the years, and many aren't worth the money to enter, but CWA has proven itself to be professional, caring and responsive.  It is obvious CWA is committed to helping writers succeed by investing the time and effort in their tailored-for-the-screenwriter web videos and vast list of industry pros who consider winning entries.  It's my pleasure to support CWA with my screenplay entries up until I'm a sold writer!  Thanks again, CWA. - Jean Hunter

Creative World Awards is a professionally run screenwriting contest that delivers on its objectives for promoting and championing the advancing screenwriters. The contest organizers displayed the sort of enthusiasm and passion that you don't often see in other contests and my participation with Creative World Awards was a very gratifying and rewarding experience. - Michael Raymond

Heather and Marlene: Once again you demonstrate your competition will someday be seen as not only the most important contest to win...but also the most important to enter.  Who else makes such an effort to promote all writers?  As a winner of the two major magazine contests, Script and AAA, I would say yours is definitely the online equivalent.  Keep up the great work and I will keep writing better scripts to move up the ladder you have set up for us writers. - Christopher Canole

CWA is a breath of fresh air for aspiring writers.  If organization and timely responses mean anything to you, then this is your contest. George Hernandez

While most competitions can make your script feel like just a number in a pile, the Creative World Awards made me feel different from the very beginning. Heather and Marlene are fantastic organizers -- they sent me a personalized confirmation that they received my script and kept us all posted with every development at every step of the way. It is apparent that this competition is a labor of love for them -- they really care about the screenplay medium and they're very well-versed on the ins-and-outs of the film business. Instead of trying to cut you down, this competition is different because they're genuinely interested in you and your work. You'll be hard-pressed to find a better set of cheerleaders for your script than the Creative World Awards. Ben Everhart

Heather, Wow.  This was the most productive feedback I've gotten.  I am humbly in your debt.  I had received two feedbacks from two other contests where one said my strength was the dialog and the other said my weakness was the dialog and I was very confused as to what to believe.  Your review specified what worked with the dialog and what didn't, thereby clearing up my confusion.  This feedback was more helpful than others and I will definitely be entering into this contest next year.  I am so thankful for this - you have no idea.  You have enormously helped me and I will continue to work hard on my script.  Thank you so very much.  - Carol Nelson Falcone

Heather and Marlene did a fantastic job running this contest! It's one of the most informative and professionally run contests I've come across. The website is well laid out and the videos are great to watch. They always answered emails quickly and thoroughly - unlike those that never reply or ones which pick 'n chose the questions they answer. In my estimation this is the most significant, up and coming contests out there. They do a very thorough and professional job and really take an interest in the writer above what many other contests do.  -Geoff Breuder

The Creative World Awards contest was an excellent experience for me, even as a non-winner. The feedback I received was fair, positive, and insightful-- it made me re-think how I should approach my script. It was evident that the judges cared about writing and about my specific screenplay-- right down to the few misspelled words!   Kudos! - Richard Englar

Creative World Awards was my first screenwriter's competition and so I was extremely concerned about the quality of the script I sent in.  I was convinced it wasn't good enough and the staff at CWA contacted me and confirmed the second sending of my script.  In every instance that I felt I needed to contact them, they always (and very promptly) contacted me back and they were so friendly, so-much-so, that they could had been mistaken for life-long friends.  Their web site had an easy to load option, for e-filing and they had interview segments from a knowledgeable and skilled producer who inspired me with hope that first time script writers have a real chance at getting read and discovered.  Even though I didn't win the 2008 CWA Competition, [And yes, I've come to forgive them for that.] I am so convinced in the value of writing competitions and the large amount of exposure they offer, that I have entered 5 more competitions.  I really appreciate Marlene Neubauer and Heather Waters for all the goodness they extended to me and all the writers who entered their competition and I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to cross paths with them and to experience their positive influences.  Respectfully, William Cooper

The Creative World Awards contest is always professional and punctual. As the administrators, Marlene and Heather were always enthusiastic and eager to help. I would urge all up-and-coming screenwriters to enter this competition! Thanks again for everything, Suel Kim

Heather, Thank you so much for the thorough script analysis.  It has been the equivalent of jump starting a car battery for me.  The wheels are really churning. Thanks for "calling me out" where I needed it and for giving me "props" where I earned them! Again, thank you.  This has really been a great experience for me. Sincerely, Jennifer Webster

Thank you for the analysis of LA BANDERA. It is much more detailed and in-depth than I expected. I can tell that a lot of time and effort went into making the analysis. It gives me a lot to work with in making revisions. I greatly appreciate it. Tina Juarez

Dear Heather and Marlene, I was thrilled when I found out my script, Devil's Lure, made the quarterfinal round. Your contest has been a class act, starting from the excellent video interviews, to making your deadlines, to your current efforts to promote ALL the scripts that placed from honorable mention on up. I look forward to competing again when you open shop for next year's competition. Once again, many thanks for running a terrific contest! - Marjory Kaptanoglu