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Creative World Awards
  • Writers Boot Camp Membership includes Scholarships towards Live Class or Online Coursework.
  • - A complimentary one-year membership and script registration at TVFilmRights, a powerful online marketplace utilized by dozens of current executive members at major studios, networks, production companies, and agencies scouting for specific project mandates including original screenplays, movie concepts, TV formats, true stories, tv/film rights for books, and other properties.
  • Sony Creative Software inspires artistic expression with its award-winning line of products for digital video, audio, and music production, as well as industry-leading technology for DVD production and Blu-ray Disc authoring. Sound Forge Pro, ACID Pro, and Vegas Pro software have defined digital content creation for a generation of creative professionals.
  • SellAScript - The Total Script Express sends a personal e-query to over 3,000 industry professionals comprised of studio executives, producers, and agents. The Hollywood Bugle is an e-newsletter sent to over 2,500 industry professionals. The Script Marketplace is a private online database, only open to and regularly viewed by industry professionals looking for screenplays for option/purchase. The Writer's Rolodex has contact information for 2,850 contacts plus it allows writers to manage their contacts and submissions with our exclusive My Contacts feature. To learn more, visit
  • Michael Hauge - For your own copy of Michael Hauge’s books or DVDs, you can visit to learn how to obtain them. They’re a must have for every aspiring screenwriter, and anyone who is on the brink of pitching & selling their script.
  • Script Delivery - The Full Script Delivery sends a personal e-query to over 3,000 industry professionals comprised of studio executives, producers, agents etc. The Contact Database has contact information for thousands of studios, production companies, producers, literary agencies, managers and executives, plus it allows writers to keep custom contact lists and keep notes on their dealings with companies they're submitting to. Learn more at
  • Dr. Jack Boozer - Dr. Jack Boozer's latest book, Authorship in Film Adaptation, is a must have for writers interested in examining the process of adaptations. Dr. Boozer is a Professor of Film Studies in the Department of Communication at Georgia State University. He also has extensive professional and teaching experience in screenwriting and adapting literature to film. His previous book is Career Movies: American Business and the Success Mystique.  For further information, visit Amazon
  • Final Draft - Final Draft, Inc. was founded in 1991 to develop a scriptwriting program that allows the writer to concentrate on the creative process and not on Hollywood's stringent formatting rules. Since then, the Final Draft software has become Hollywood professional's choice and the world's #1-selling scriptwriting program.
Deadline Calendar

Early by 12/1/2015 - $39 (entry only) or $79 (with Judge’s scorecard & brief notes)

Regular by 1/1/2016 - $49 (entry only) or $89 (with Judge’s scorecard & brief notes)

Late by 2/15/2016 - $59 (entry only) or $99 (with Judge’s scorecard & brief notes)

Final by 4/15/2016 - $69 (entry only) or $109 (with Judge’s scorecard & brief notes)

*For TV and Short Film entries, it is $10 off the above feature script entry fee amounts

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Offered to CWA 2015-2016 entrants, you can receive a 7-9 page comprehensive script analysis covering extensive elements as identifying and analyzing story arcs, plot development, premise, character development, dialogue critiques, and tightening all critical elements to produce the most potential market value for your script. This option is available to order for an additional $185 if entering the competition.

*Delivery: Within 4-6 weeks from the date of entry. *Please note: A $1 per page fee applies if script is 125 pages or more.