Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I need to enter the competition?

A. An original feature film screenplay or short film or teleplay, a signed application with release form, and a US$ entry fee. Please check the prizes and deadlines page for appropriate cut off dates for all respective entry deadlines.
* NOTE: Entrants also have the opportunity to receive the Judge’s scorecard and a page of the judge’s notes for an additional $40.

Q. When are the application forms available?

A. Mid November through the first of May.

Q. When is the final late entry deadline?

A. April 15th is the Final Deadline.

Q. How do I enter the competition?

A. CWA is 100% green. You can enter the full application online through the CWA website by selecting the orange Submit Now button or via Withoutabox or Film Freeway (this includes your application/release form, paid entry fee via PayPal’s secure site, and script submission). Alternatively, you may send a money order if you prefer to pay by mail, however, you must still complete the application and release form online.

As always, we encourage everyone to go green and submit all requirements online. If you do choose to pay with money order by mail, follow the same initial process of filling out the online application/release form, and once you are done with that section, select the alternative route to pay by postal.  You may send a money order by the appropriate deadline of entry to the address below:

  • Creative World Awards
  • 4712 Admiralty Way, #268
  • Marina del Rey, CA

Q. When will the Creative World Awards winners be announced?

A. Preliminary Qualifiers: Week of August 1st; Quarterfinals: August 8th; Semifinals: August 15th; Finalists: August 22nd, Winners: August 29th.

Q. As a foreign citizen, I have difficulty obtaining United States dollars. May I use a check in my own currency to pay the entry fee?

A.  Entry fees must be paid with either a credit card through our online system or a money order by mail. With the online application system, entrants may use any major credit card to pay the required entry fee.

Eligibility, Adaptations and Collaborations

Q. Who can enter the competition?

A. Any screenwriter 18 years or older.

Q. Can collaborative teams enter this competition?

A. Yes, if the team consists of exactly two writers who are equal partners in all aspects of the creation of the script. Please note, however, that each collaborator must fill out and sign the online application release form.

Q. Are citizens of countries other than the United States eligible?

A. Yes. Any writer who writes in English and meets the other eligibility requirements is welcome to enter the competition.

Q. Do you accept short screenplays, features, and teleplays?

A. Yes.

Q. What’s the minimum/maximum required page length for features?

A. Approximately up to 120 pages, however, a script will not be disqualified based on length.

Q. Does that mean that an 85 or 130 page script will be disqualified?

A. No. We include the word “approximately” in the competition rules to allow for some flexibility, however, generally 90-120 pages is the preferred industry standard where possible. *Please note: If an entrant orders a script analysis, coverage, or judge’s highlights, a $1 per page fee applies if the script is at 125 pages or more.

Q. What elements of the script are taken into consideration during the judging?

A. The judges take into consideration how well your screenplay depicts the following: Structure (Distinguishable Act I, II, & III), Plot, Characterization, Dialogue, Style/Description, Clarity, Originality, and Marketability.

Q. Does my script have to be registered?

A. No, however, you should always make it a priority to copyright your work. You can register your work very easily through the Writers Guild of America (WGA) website or the Library of Congress copyright office.

Q. Does the writer maintain rights to their screenplay?

A. Yes, the writer maintains full rights of their screenplay.

Q. Do I need to submit a synopsis?

A. No, only a 2-4 sentence logline.

Q. What genres do you accept?

A. We accept and welcome all genres, and each script will be judged according to its own genre category.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. All major credit cards or US money order.

Q. Is an adaptation of a published novel eligible?

A. No, not unless the novelist and screenwriter are one in the same and/or the screenwriter has full legal rights to original material.

Q. Can I make a change to a submission?

A. Only if you send in your revised draft and then pay a $45 resubmission fee. If you would like to resubmit, email us at to complete processing of the new script. Once the new script is submitted and the $45 fee paid, your revised script will be considered a new submission.

Q. How will I know you received my script?

A. You will receive an email confirming that your entry has been received. Please note: We suggest you try to submit all materials together at one time. If you would like to check the status of your application, you can also log into the website.

Q. What type of script files do you accept?

A. Adobe Acrobat (.pdf file) is preferred, however, we will also accept Final Draft and Word doc. If you have Movie Magic, please convert to a PDF before uploading your file.

Q. What information do you want on the title page?

A. We suggest only including the title of your project and you may include your WGA registration number, if applicable. We ask that you not include your name or contact information within the body of your script, however, we will not count off for this on the script’s scoring.

Q. Does my script have to be formatted?

A. Yes. All font should be 12 pt courier and it should follow the standard industry format. Handwritten scripts will not be accepted under any conditions. Also, make sure to keep copies of your work as scripts will not be returned.

Q. If I win a prize, do I lose any rights to my screenplay?

A. No. The writer retains the rights to their screenplay.

Q. How does the Grand Prize Winner Film Production Award work?

Following the close of the season, the Grand Prize Winner will be given a choice to either receive $1,000 additional cash prize money to the existing $3,000 or they may elect for taking advantage of the opportunity for CWA to make a short film version of their script. In the latter case, the Grand Prize Winner receives $3,000 only for their cash prize, and the opportunity for their script to be made into a short film with the short’s production covered by CWA. However, any collaboration from the writer on the short is at that point considered payment in full with no other monies awarded to them other than the $3,000. The short script will be ten pages or less, and the Co-founders will work closely with the GPW as needed to craft the script. If the writer elects for the production route rather than taking the additional $1,000, CWA in conjunction with The Moving Image Xchange will produce the script in the winter. The short film will then get a guaranteed premiere at the Richmond International Film Festival in late Feb, and following the festival be used as a tool by CWA to promote the Grand Prize Winner’s feature script. Once the short film premieres at the festival, the writer will also receive imdb credit as the writer on the film. The Grand Prize Winner agrees that if they elect to forgo the additional $1,000 cash, no other monies will be awarded to them for contributing to the writing on the short film other than the $3,000. The Moving Image Xchange LLC and CWA will have full ownership of the produced short film, however, the writer will still retain full ownership of their feature script. The short production will have no impact on the ownership of the writer’s feature length script. The Grand Prize Winner also understands that should they elect to forgo the additional $1,000 in order to do the short version of the script that they are responsible for working with the CWA Co-Founders in a timely manner to create the content of the short script, with CWA and The Moving Image Xchange having final say on the script’s content to ensure production value and limitations are met. CWA may elect not to produce the script if the writer does not meet the deadlines in a timely fashion. CWA Co-Founders will work with the writer to develop the short script in the months of September and October, with a tentative shoot date set for November or December each year. The film will then premiere at the Richmond International Film Festival in early March. Producing the short script is at the sole discretion of CWA and The Moving Image Xchange, LLC. Should CWA and The Moving Image Xchange elect not to produce a short version of the Grand Prize Winner’s feature script, the Grand Prize Winner will receive the initial $3,000 and the additional $1,000. If the Grand Prize Winner consists of more than one writer, it is up to the writers to split the money between them.

Q. Who will read my script?

A. The first round of judging is done by readers that are hand selected, highly qualified industry professionals. If your script advances beyond the preliminary round, it will then be read by multiple industry professionals who will determine which scripts advance to the semifinalist and finalist rounds. The top three in each category will be read by leading industry executives not only for potential consideration, but also to help determine the winners of the 2016 Creative World Awards. All decisions of the judges are final.