HOW TO ENTER? Below are the steps to follow to enter your project. Entrants are offered the Judge's Scorecard and a brief summary of notes for $30. NOTE: If you do not wish to receive the scorecard, select 'entry only' at the time of checkout. 

What to expect once clicking on the above online application (Enter Now button) for the 2015 CWA screenwriting competition:

1) BASIC INFO & USER NAME/PASSWORD: All entrants must create a user name and password. 

2) WRITER'S INFORMATION: Complete your basic online application including writer's contact info, applicable genre category (s) listed below, logline (2-4 sentence describing your script), and whether you'd like a script analysis or extended judge's highlights added to your order. If you do not wish to receive the judge's scorecard, select the entry only box. 

3) RELEASE FORM: sign your release form electronically.

4) SCRIPT: Upload your script (Adobe Acrobat PDF preferred. Final Draft, Word accepted, but if you have MovieMagic, please convert to a PDF). 

5) ENTRY FEE: After you've uploaded your script, pay the entry fee with any major credit card via PayPal’s secure payment system.

Steps 1-5 above fulfill your full entry requirements.

To submit now, click on the above ENTER NOW button, or you may also submit via Film Freeway at:


Note: We have gone 100% green, and require the full entry requirements of script and payment to go through the online system. However, if you prefer to pay with a money order rather than through the online process, you may submit payment by the respective deadline to the address below: 

Creative World Awards
4712 Admiralty Way, #268
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Once in the application process, you will be asked to choose which category you would like your screenplay or teleplay to be judged under. All entries can choose any one category they feel best depicts their script. If an entrant would like to select more than the one allotted category, this is available at an additional cost of $10 for each additional genre chosen. 


Early by 12/07/2014 - $39 (entry only) or $69 (scorecard/brief notes)

Regular by 1/15/2015 - $49 (entry only) or $79 (scorecard/brief notes)

Late by 2/15/2015 - $59 (entry only) or $89 (scorecard/brief notes)

Final by 4/15/2015 - $69 (entry only) or $99 (scorecard/brief notes)

Extended Deadline - To check the Ext Deadline date, see the CWA website or inquire at

*For TV and Short Film entries, it is $10 off the above feature script entry fee amounts


The first round of judging is done by hand selected industry judges. If your script advances beyond the preliminary round, it will then be scored by multiple industry professionals who determine the quarters, semis, and finals. The top three in each genre category will then be read by leading industry executives not only for potential consideration, but also to help determine the winners of the 2015 Creative World Awards. All decisions of the judges are final. The finalist announcement dates are as follows: 

Preliminary Finalists – Week of August 3

Quarter Finalists – Week of August 10

Semi Finalists – Week of August 17

Finalists – Week of August 24

Winners - Week of August 31




CWA is open to all genres. For feature screenplays, there are four main genre categories to compete within in order to broaden the scope of recognition for our writers, and allow each respective script to be judged on the basis of select criteria for that particular genre. Additionally, there are five categories for television and short film.

FEATURE FILM SCRIPTS: approx. 90-120 pages

ACTION & ADVENTURES - All types including: Action, Adventure, Action-Thriller, Action Comedy, Sci-Fi       & Fantasy Action, Comic Book/Super Heroes, Martial Arts, Western, Adventure Drama

HORRORS, THRILLERS, & FANTASIES - All types including: Horror, Thriller, Fantasy, Supernatural, Film Noir, Occult, Sci-Fi Horror, Mythological, Sci-Fi Disaster

COMEDIES - All types including: Comedy, Dark Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Comedy Thriller, Heist Comedy, Slapstick, Musical Comedy, Satires

DRAMAS & FAMILY - All types including: Drama, Family, Coming-of-Age, Family Adventure, Gangster, Period/Historical, Political, Animation, Romantic Drama, Musicals, Western, and War Epic




EXISTING ½ HOUR SITCOM: Up to 50 pages

EXISTING 1 HOUR DRAMA: Up to 70 pages

SHORT FILM SCRIPTS: Up to 40 pages

We accept short film scripts of all genres.

Additional Categories: Each script entered into the contest will be entered into one category of the entrant’s choosing. If an entrant would like to enter a single script into more than the one allotted category, the cost is $10 for each additional category.

Resubmission Fee: $45 – Should an entrant want to resubmit their script after the initial entry has taken place; they are welcome to do this at a discounted submission rate. The resubmission fee is $45, and the new script will replace the older script as a brand new submission. Once the resubmission is processed, it will then begin the prelim judging round as if a new entry. *If you ordered the brief feedback option on the original submission, the resubmitted script will receive the Judge's scorecard & a brief update of notes (a couple of paragraphs).

Multiple Submission Discount: If 3 or more scripts are submitted, entrant receives a $5 discount off each script thereafter. Contact us at for the multiple submission discount code.



This contest is open to any screenwriter worldwide who is 18 years or older, and meets the enclosed criteria. Entry into the competition is void where prohibited by law.

Click here for full list of rules & guidelines…


Offered to CWA 2014-2015 entrants, you can receive extended highlights from the judge’s scorecard and a coverage summary that analyzes the basic elements of your script (4-6 page report). This option is available to order for an additional $75 at check out.

* Delivery: If ordered by Dec 7th, your Judge's Highlights will be delivered by 1/15/2015.

* Please note: A $1 per page fee applies if your script is 125 pages or more.


Offered to CWA 2015 entrants, you can receive a 7-9 page comprehensive script analysis covering such elements as identifying and analyzing story arcs, plot development, premise, character development, dialogue critiques, and tightening all critical elements to produce the most potential market value for your script. This option is available for an additional $175 at check out.  

*Delivery: If ordered by Dec 7, 2014, script analyses will be delivered by 1/15/2015. 

*Please note: A $1 per page fee applies if script is 125 pages or more.


2015 WINNERS HAVE NOW BEEN ANNOUNCED! See the Awards page for the Results.

The 2016 season opens for submissions mid-November 2015.


Special thanks to this year's sponsors for a fantastic prize package worth over $30,000.  

GRAND PRIZE WINNER - $3,000 cash PLUS the opportunity to have their winning script produced into a short film. CWA in conjunction with The Moving Image Xchange Productions, will produce a short film version of the script to help generate interest for the feature script. PREMIERE: The short film will then get a guaranteed premiere at the Richmond International Film Festival, giving the writer an official imdb credit. If CWA or the winner choose to forgo this option, the winner receives an additional $1,000. Plus, the GPW also receives: 

  • Final Draft software
  • Annual Premium MIX membership to The Media Industry Xchange
  • Sony Vegas Pro Video Editing Software
  • Free Entry into the Richmond International Film Festival
  • InkTip Script Listing and InkTip Magazine 
  • Stage 32, Two Free Pitch Sessions
  • Creators Vault Registration
  • SellAScript Promotional Package
  • Creators Vault Registration
  • ½ hour pitch coaching session with Michael Hauge
  • Michael Hauge’s book, “Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds”

4 Genre Category Winners - $250 cash each, plus a prize package that includes:

  • Annual Premium MIX membership to The Media Industry Xchange
  • Sony Vegas Pro Video Editing Software
  • Free Entry into the Richmond International Film Festival
  • Stage 32, Two Free Pitch Sessions
  • Creators Vault Registration
  • Final Draft software
  • InkTip Script Listing and InkTip Magazine
  • SellAScript Promotional Package
  • Michael Hague's book, Writing Screenplays That Sell: New 20th Anniversary Edition

4 CATEGORY 1st RUNNERS UP - $100 cash each, plus a prize package that includes:

  • Annual Enhanced MIX membership to The Media Industry Xchange
  • Final Draft software
  • Free Entry into the Richmond International Film Festival
  • Stage 32, One Free Pitch Session
  • Script Delivery Promotional Package
  • Creators Vault Registration

 4 TELEVISION CATEGORIES - $250 cash each, plus a prize package that includes:

  • Annual Enhanced MIX membership to The Media Industry Xchange
  • Stage 32, Two Free Pitch Sessions
  • TVWritersVault Annual Membership for each TV category
  • Free Entry into the Richmond International Film Festival 
  • Creators Vault Registration

SHORT FILM SCRIPT - $250 cash, plus a prize package that includes:

  • Annual Enhanced MIX membership to The Media Industry Xchange
  • Sony Vegas Pro Video Editing Software
  • Free Entry into the Richmond International Film Festival 
  • Creators Vault Registration

CREATIVE CONCEPT / REDEMPTIVE THEME AWARD - In honor of veteran analyst and CWA Judge, James Peters, this award goes to the most original and compelling concept that also conveys a redemptive theme of some kind. Winner receives:

  • Annual Enhanced MIX membership to The Media Industry Xchange
  • Free Entry into the Richmond International Film Festival
  • Stage 32, One Free Pitch Session
  • Creators Vault Registration
  • Private Development Coaching session with Dr. Jack Boozer, Professor of Film Studies, Adaptation & Screenwriting

The Media Industry Xchange: An innovative online directory and collaborative platform for creating, developing, and packaging creative projects.

Final Draft:  The Industry Standard in screenwriting software.

Richmond International Film Festival - A competitive festival that accepts features and shorts of all genres and niches (films & screenplays). The festival serves as a catalyst for bringing writers and filmmakers together to collaborate on productions, with a festival week that includes screenings of Official Selection films that compete for top awards, industry panels and networking events, Q&A discussions, arts & entertainment mixers throughout the week, and red carpet awards.  

Sony Creative Software inspires artistic expression with its award-winning line of products for digital video, audio, and music production, as well as industry-leading technology for DVD production and Blu-ray Disc™ authoring. Sound Forge™ Pro, ACID™ Pro, and Vegas™ Pro software have defined digital content creation for a generation of creative professionals.

Stage 32: is the world’s largest social network and educational site dedicated to helping film, television and theater creatives from all over the world connect. With over a quarter million members from every country on the planet, Stage 32 is uniquely populated with the most creative people on earth. Prize package includes free pitch sessions to Stage 32's extremely popular Online Pitchfests where writers pitch directly to managers, agents, producers, directors of development, and other decision making executives.

Michael Hauge - For your own copy of Michael Hauge’s books or DVDs, check out the site to learn how to get a copy. They’re a must have for every aspiring screenwriter, and anyone who is on the brink of pitching & selling their script.

TVWriter' - Got A TV Show Idea? The Television Writers Vault is the TV Industry's first and only project scouting website to deliver show concepts to Producers resulting in multiple shows broadcast globally. Pitch your reality tv concepts, formats, and stories to the major producers and networks scouting new ideas. is an electronic copyright protection archival system providing Writers and Creators time-archived third party proof-of-creation and protection for their written materials and other intellectual properties preparing to market to the Film and Television industries. Writers can register scripts, screenplays or other creative properties for protective archival at with timeframe options of 5 years, 7 years, or 10 years. Additional features include options to register New Drafts of an original project, and Renewal of projects about to expire at a 50% discounted rate. Protect your property before going to market.

InkTip:  Writers use InkTip every day to connect with industry professionals looking for writers to hire, scripts to produce and writers to represent. Whether you're breaking into the industry or are an established writer, InkTip can help you further your career. Prize Package includes InkTip Script Listing: A listing of your script on InkTip so that producers and reps can find you. InkTip Magazine: Publication of your logline in InkTip's magazine sent to nearly 15000 producers and reps.

SellAScript Prize Package includes Total Script Express, One Year free listing in Script Marketplace, Placement in one issue of the Hollywood Bugle and Six month access to Writers Rolodex. Prize Package includes full Script Delivery & 8 Month Access to Contact Database.

*CWA reserves the right to add, adjust, or alter the above prize packages throughout the season.