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Creative World Awards

Mailing Address:

Creative World Awards
4712 Admiralty Way, #268
Marina del Rey, CA 90292



Deadline Calendar

Early by 12/1/2015 - $39 (entry only) or $79 (with Judge’s scorecard & brief notes)

Regular by 1/1/2016 - $49 (entry only) or $89 (with Judge’s scorecard & brief notes)

Late by 2/15/2016 - $59 (entry only) or $99 (with Judge’s scorecard & brief notes)

Final by 4/15/2016 - $69 (entry only) or $109 (with Judge’s scorecard & brief notes)

*For TV and Short Film entries, it is $10 off the above feature script entry fee amounts

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Offered to CWA 2015-2016 entrants, you can receive a 7-9 page comprehensive script analysis covering extensive elements as identifying and analyzing story arcs, plot development, premise, character development, dialogue critiques, and tightening all critical elements to produce the most potential market value for your script. This option is available to order for an additional $185 if entering the competition.

*Delivery: Within 4-6 weeks from the date of entry. *Please note: A $1 per page fee applies if script is 125 pages or more.